What does it mean to be rhesus negative?

Do you have friends who are rh negative but new to it all?
Here is a brief introduction to let them know what we are all about:

  • Being rh negative means testing negative for the rhesus gene (D).
  • The term rhesus derives from the rhesus monkey carrying the gene.
  • The rhesus factor was discovered by Karl Landsteiner in 1937, 37 years after he has discovered the major ABO blood groups.
  • Women who are rh negative, already carry antibodies and are pregnant with an rh positive fetus, need an Anti-D shot or the fetus will likeliest die.
  • Rh negative blood can be given to rh positives, but not vice versa
    (actually it can be given once if no antibodies exist, after which antibodies will be built and the next time it would likely be fatal).
  • Rh negative blood is rare on a global scale, but the frequencies vary. Some tribes carry zero percent while some ancient populations were likely 100 percent rh negative.
  • The rh negative blood factor is inherited recessively. +/- would be rh positive heterozygote and +/+ rh positive homozygote.
    If you are +/+, your offspring will be rh positve.
    As long as you are rh negative, your offspring will always be rh positve heterozygote (+/-) or rh negative.
  • The easiest way to avoid the rh disease is for an rh negative woman to marry an rh negative man.

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    Can the rh disease be cured?

    It looks like a lot of new effort is being placed into ridding the world of the rh disease once and for all.

    rh disease

    The CURhE (Consortium for Universal Rh disease Elimination) is a global alliance set up to eradicate Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and the Newborn (HDFN), a well-understood condition which, since 1970, is easily and cheaply preventable. Nearly fifty years ago a way of preventing HDFN was developed that almost overnight saved some 10,000 fetuses and newborn babies every year just in the United States: a true “miracle of modern medicine”. But the tragedy eliminated here in North America and in Europe still haunts much of the world. Every year more than 300,000 babies die or are severely damaged by HDFN. Now a newly formed coalition of researchers, practitioners, NGO’s and industry partners is determined to change that.


    Global implementation of well-documented prevention methods of Rh disease in order to reduce childhood neurological burden and perinatal deaths.


    – For every woman to know her blood type
    – For every Rh-negative woman to have unfettered prenatal access to counseling and prophylaxis
    – For the cost of Rh disease prevention to be embedded in existing prenatal and peripartum care, not to exceed $1 pp (adjusted to national population)

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    Are rh negatives better off dating other rh negatives?

    This is a subject matter I have been getting loads of feedback over. And the truth is: Everyone has to make this decision themselves.

    Being fair and not using my own thoughts in this particular post, I am now going to list some of the feedback I have been receiving via Facebook, so you on your own can decide to take a step you truly and independently believe in.

    What speaks FOR rh negatives dating other rh negatives?
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    What are the health differences between Rh Negatives and Rh Positives?

    This month, a revised version of our last study has been published by Plos One.

    Rhesus-positive and Rhesus-negative persons differ in the presence-absence of highly immunogenic RhD protein on the erythrocyte membrane. The biological function of the RhD molecule is unknown. Its structure suggests that the molecular complex with RhD protein transports NH3 or CO2 molecules across the erythrocyte cell membrane. Some data indicate that RhD positive and RhD negative subjects differ in their tolerance to certain biological factors, including, Toxoplasma infection, aging and fatique. Present cross sectional study performed on 3,130 subjects) showed that Rhesus negative subjects differed in many indices of their health status, including incidences of many disorders. Rhesus negative subjects reported to have more frequent allergic, digestive, heart, hematological, immunity, mental health, and neurological problems. On the population level, a Rhesus-negativity-associated burden could be compensated for, for example, by the heterozygote advantage, but for Rhesus negative subjects this burden represents a serious problem.

    Read the study here: Worse Health Status and Higher Incidence of Health Disorders in Rhesus Negative Subjects


    French scientists announce universal blood substitute from logworms

    Back in Februaray we have learned, that trials were about to start on using substances extracted from a kind of Breton worm, which it is claimed could provide a universal blood substitute.

    logworms universal blood

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    Can Rh Negative Blood be Cloned?

    The short answer is “Yes”.

    The long answer goes as follows:
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    Rh Negative Voices: Keith Priest

    Keith Priest is AB negative and I am happy to post the interview he has recently granted me.


    Keith Priest Blood Type AB Rh Negative

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    Is there a Basque-Jewish-Rh Negative connection?

    The answer is “yes”. And the more I am looking at genetic history, the more obvious it becomes.
    On the paternal side:
    Haplogroups J1c1 and J2a were 15% around 5,000 years ago amongst the Basques.
    Those are known as the Jewish markers, deriving from the Sumerian haplogroup J.
    It comes to no surprise, that on the female side of Ashkenazi Jews, the haplogroup K indicates that all 1.7 Million Ashkenazi Jews come from one single female ancestor.
    (Which of course is unique, but no surprise considering Jewishness is being passed through the mother).
    And just as the further back in time we go in the Basque region haplogroup J becoming more and more frequent, so does the Jewish K on the female side:

    Basque Jewish Rh Negative

    (Source: 23andme)

    Other studies reveal Bedouin groups being closely related to the Cohanim Jews. And the Bedouins are high in rh negative frequencies as well.


    10 Health Tips for Rh Negative People

    Now that it´s proven that rh negative people suffer from general disadvantages concerning overall health, here is some advice on how you may live around that by taking care of yourself and protecting yourself from the external impact life may have on you.
    Please feel free to share your own experiences, questions and thoughts in the comment section below.

    10 Health Tips for Rh Negative People

    1) Avoid too many carbohydrates

    consuming carbs

    Our ancestors consumed around 1/3rd carbs, 1/3rd fat and 1/3rd carbs, yet it is recommended we consume as low as 10 percent protein and up to 65 percent carbs. Whatever the recommendations are, we all know that a lot of times advice officially given is being revoked a few years later, so my advice: Listen to your instinct.
    Don´t eat out of boredom and don´t let your tastebuds be fooled by artificial flavors.
    Eat what you crave.

    2) Know that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol might affect you more

    rh negative blood and alcohol

    Our research has indicated that alcohol and smoking cigarettes affect rh negative people more than rh positives. So once again, the key to staying healthy is to never assume that whatever doesn´t impact other people visibly may not be as bad for you either.
    If you are a smoker and crave some nicotine, try to listen to your body as it will lead towards quitting. Once you smoke out of boredom or think you need to have a substance to help you through a stressful time, you are doomed to make it a lifestyle.
    Drinking in moderation is fine. But when it comes to being a solution to deal with issues or allowing a social situation to intoxicate yourself when in reality you don´t even crave it, you are going against the inner voice and silencing your intuition and your health will pay the price.

    3) Avoid stress at any cost

    stress and blood types

    As a general rule of being overly sensitive by society´s standards:
    Whatever affects people in general, affects you even more.
    So the key is not to “get tougher”, but be conscious in terms of avoiding whatever it is that is negative.

    4) Find time away from other people


    Can´t be yourself with others? Then be BY YOURSELF!

    5) Develop a sleep pattern that is right for you

    rh negative people insomnia blood type a

    As people with blood type A are likely to have increased levels of stress, insomnia may be a result of that.
    Again: The key to having a healthy sleep pattern just like having a healthy pattern in general is to listen to your body.

    Are you tired when you have to work or take care of things while not being able to sleep when it is time to sleep and there is nothing to do?

    There are two approaches which may work:

    a) Be forceful and demand that you are able to do what you need when you need it and have a life where you are able to take naps when your nature demands it.

    b) Do you best to develop a pattern that helps deal with the life you live.
    If you are not able to sleep at night, lay down anyways. Your body will get rest, so it´s not a waste. Then the next day around sleep time, you are likely going to fall asleep easier and before you know it, a good pattern arises.

    6) Spend time in nature

    rh negative nature connection

    7) Rediscover your passions

    One of the issues most adults experience is that they lack motivation and it shows in lifestyles. A lot of people have completely lost the drive that they once had and the reason is all too often adapting to a life that seems to help them get by while missing out on doing the things that have once excited them.
    If you are one of those people, remember who you once were and what made you happy … then find a way to do that again. And most of all: Get rid of people who try to keep you from doing it.
    Because you are you. And nobody else can be you for you. And if someone comes into your life without being accept you in everything that makes you you, then why would you waste your time trying to adapt your own life to make you suitable for them, if they are not willing to do the same for you?

    8) Physical activities

    rh negative surfing

    You don´t have to be a weightlifter or long-distance runner in order to be healthy. But looking at your passions and nature´s benefits, you may want to think what it is that can make you feel better in terms of giving your body the exercise it´s designed to participate in.

    9) Do not view prescription drugs as candy

    Do you need medicine? Then take it.
    Do you want to feel better?
    It is advisable not to look at prescription drugs as something recreational to the point where anytime you don´t feel perfect, you take something to give you a physical or mental boost.
    Just as we are generally sensitive to everything else, side-effects of anything are included in that.

    10) Be comfortable in your own clothing


    Do you dress to impress?
    What materials are your clothes made of?

    Just like you may react badly to foods with chemicals, your body breathes the chemicals of synthetic clothing.
    Choose what you feel well in!

    Anything I´ve forgotten?


    Our study concludes: Rh negatives are disadvantaged in overall health

    For the first time ever, evidence has been provided that being rh negative means having a disadvantage when it comes to overall health.
    I want to thank everyone who has participated in our study.
    If you are interested in participating in future studies, please register on this blog or join any of our social media pages.

    Rh negative people test worst for overall health.
    Rh positive homozygotes better, but rh positive heterozygotes the best.

    Here is our study:



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