Why is 25% of Catalonia rh negative?

Catalonia is currently in the news as independence from Spain might be announced tomorrow. Once again the question rising is what exactly it is that makes so many Catalans believe that they are so different from the rest of Spain that being a small part of it is worse than being a small nation of their own.

This has been an ongoing conflict not too different from the desire many Basques have to rid themselves of the Spanish authority altogether. And of course, this is not a Spain thing as Scotland has recently voted regarding potential independence from Britain as other parts in the world, such as many Bavarians wanting independence from Germany, sort of asking for a common denominator.

And the one I will get to later is the high percentage of Celtic DNA.

There is another similarity between Basque Country, Catalonia and their people:

Catalans have a large percentage of rh negatives amongst them. Not as high as the Basques, but somewhere around 25%!

Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b is the most frequent among Spaniards and Portuguese, occurring at over 50% throughout most of Spain. R1b is particularly dominant in the Basque Country and Catalonia, occurring at rate of over 80%.

R1b is the “Celtic marker” which is said to have originated in Western Asia.

When looking at the regions with the highest R1b percentages, over-average frequencies of rh negatives appear as well. In some cases way over average.

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