Why is our ancestry so important to us?

Ancestry is especially fascinating to people who have felt out of place where they grew up, because a sense of belonging is essential to us. Be it family, a larger group or tribe or in extreme cases an entire nation.
The truth is our ancestors felt comfortable in smaller groups where you knew who is who.
You can be an outsider in a large group of people who are unlike you and not even your choice of company, but when you are a part of it long enough, a feeling of you being wrong and them being right will set in often followed by a sense of being lost and helpless.
Knowing there are people who think like us, thought like us, love us just for sensing who we really are can help us understand who we are and why we are the way we are.
And that is a big part why not only 23andme.com is doing huge business, but why rh negative people, a minority in every society on earth, are drawn to one another to be in each others’ company and finding answers together.

Unfortunately we also see previous frustration turn into current extremes when it comes to theories adding to the reality not enough for some.
Examples include, but don’t excluse:
“We are descendants of Nephilims”.
“We are offspring of aliens once visiting our planet”.
“We are starseeds, just too special to even be a lifeform from another planet”.
“We are reptilians, so intriguing and silently powerful that no one should mess with us”.
The list goes on and people seem to get cheap thrills from it not aware or not even caring that this type of publication is part of the reason scientists do not feel like being associated with our real issues such as policies when to administer Anti-D shots to women pregnant or wanting to get pregnant.
All of this is a form of escapism where often people who feel unable to handle the realities of life withdraw into a world that they feel happy fantasizing within.
Here is one example:
False memories often are ways to express real feelings from incidences in childhood later covered by fantasies to allow the victim to feel safer and enjoy attention expressing the altered version of it later.
To spell it out:
Those who claim having been abducted by aliens and even abused often turns out had real incidents of (of course) human beings doing that to them when they were little and this fantasy mixed in with the pain of a past reality allowing them to more openly express the emotions this trauma has left them with.
The feeling of being violated, the helplessness in being just taken and the overall sense of having lost complete power over oneself is one that victims have a strong need to express, but it doesn’t

Sure, being open-minded is a good thing. But the truth, sad as it is, is that people of various theories contradicting each others are fighting over which is right resulting in the natural conclusion that there are deeper reasons for those being expressed as at least some of them need to be false.

As I have expressed in a previous video, us reacting allergic to vegetation in the region we live for example can also indicate our true ancestors living in a possibly warmer region where the plants in existence would not give us any problems. And then there are many medical issues and often personality traits we may carry through from our ancestors differing from where we are located and becoming a blessing once meeting those in other regions who we can relate to more.

How deep we want to go in our ancestry often depends on how deep our needs are to connect often having to do with how comfortable or uncomfortable we might be with our social life. This is nothing to be embarrassed about as I know people “highly popular” and the center of attention who have confided in me that they are not happy with the people surrounding them and “searching for more”.

And I am convinced that reality is a lot more exciting than fantasy once we get to it. Once we manage to trace back to the 100 percent rh negative tribes in the Fertile Crescent.
But if we walk into dark doors of delusion, we do not recognize the ones leading to the answers in a well-lighted walkway.
So if you are willing to learn about our ancestry, take a DNA test, help us analyze your results with information on your blood type and then let’s


Enter Door Number 1!


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