Was Arthur Ashe gay?

Call me crazy … but if there is one story which has never made any sense, it is the one of Arthur Ashe’s death:
In September 1988, Ashe was hospitalized after experiencing paralysis in his right arm. After undergoing exploratory brain surgery and a number of tests, doctors discovered that Ashe had toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease that is commonly found in people infected with HIV. A subsequent test later revealed that Ashe was HIV positive. Ashe and his doctors believed he contracted the virus from blood transfusions he received during his second heart surgery. He and his wife decided to keep his illness private for the sake of their daughter, who was then two years old.

First of all, Toxoplasmosis is very common. But amongst HIV people it would possibly show symptoms more strongly if the immune deficiency disease is not treated properly as it can be these days.

Why is it so many people are gay since the internet has been available including cell phones and before that, everyone has received the infection via a transfusion or whatever else there could be other than drug use or gay sex?


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