Why is there an autism edpidemy in the United States?

… and not in other countries?
The answer might be too simple for words and if you are watching this video, it will probably become painfully clear how policies regarding when an rh negative woman receives the Anti-D shot can strongly impact the well-being of the fetus.
If you carry the antibodies already, the shot needs to be administered before the pregnancy to ensure that your fetus will not be harmed. The antibodies of the rh negative mother are going to attack the braincells of the child. Without the shot, the antibodies would be allowed to continue destroying the fetus until he or she likely dies.
It is nature’s way of saying “enough is enough”.
But if the damage is allowed to be done and then after a few weeks the Anti-D shot is being administered, the child already damaged by the antibodies, is being kept alive.
The policy of receiving the Anti-D shot during the pregnancy is not in existance in Europe where there is no autism epidemy.

If you are an rh negative woman and pregnant, go to your doctor and tell him or her that you want to get the Anti-D shot andministered now and not later. If you are not pregnant, but plan to be, demand to have an antibody screening performed and then get the Anti-D shot should you carry the antibodies.

Do not assume that your physician knows better when it comes to the conditions that come with the rh negative blood factor (see example here: Can you trust your doctor?

And if you happen to have a physician who went the extra mile to ensure that your pregnancy was without complications and you are now the mother of a healthy child, please go ahead and share the information on the physician as more and more rh negative women worldwide are searching for the right doctors and it is time for us to reward the ones who are interested and able to make sure that rh negative women who are pregnant receive the best possible care for both, themselves and their child.

Please watch the video and share it with others. Only together can we make a difference:


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