What are the benefits of being rh negative?

With all of the bad news about us being more likely to have allergies, react worst to Toxoplasmosis, having to worry about the rh disease and overall rating poorest for overall health, there also happen to be some positives for those who are rh negative.
Of course, we need many more studies to determine what the solutions are to becoming healthier.
Many of the negative aspects have been published here:
Worse Health Status and Higher Incidence of Health Disorders in Rhesus Negative Subjects
And since pregnancy issues are a topic of its own, you can simply keyword search “pregnancy” on this site or see the articles on our home page such as the RH NEGATIVE PREGNANCY CHECKLIST.
This post however is about the positives.
Aside from all of the horror stories, here are a few things we rank well for, so let this be a sign that we have to focus on solutions and positives in order to enter the era where rh negative people are rising and doing better overall:

1) It seems that we are less likely to get HIV/AIDS

This of course should never encourage us to rely on being immune. But it shows that there is some sort of protection we have.

2) Chikungunya fever doesn’t seem to affect us

At least according to this study:

Chikungunya fever is a viral disease transmitted to humans by the bite of CHIKV virus infected Aedes mosquitoes. During monsoon outbreak of chikungunya fever, we carried out the genetic predisposition to chikungunya in disease affected 100 families by doing blood group (ABO) tests by focusing on individuals who were likely to have a risk of chikungunya and identified the blood group involved in susceptibility/resistance to chikungunya. In the present study, based on blood group antigens, the individuals were kept in four groups – A (108), B (98), AB (20) and O (243). The result obtained was showed all Rh positive blood group individuals are susceptible to chikungunya fever. Among ABO group, the blood group O +ve individuals are more susceptible to chikungunya than other blood groups. No blood group with Rh negative was affected with chikungunya, it indicates Rh -ve more resistance to chikungunya.

3) Rh Negatives seem to be less likely to be allergic against dairy

lactose tolerance rh negative

4) O negative women least likely to develop type 2 diabetes

A study of more than 80,000 women has uncovered different risks of developing type 2 diabetes associated with different blood groups, with the biggest difference a 35 percent increased risk of type 2 diabetes found in those with group B, Rhesus factor positive blood compared with the universal donor group O, Rhesus factor negative.

So what about the Worse Health Status and Higher Incidence of Health Disorders in Rhesus Negative Subjects?
The answer is very simple:
We live in an rh positive world.
The amounts of additives you consume, the laws regarding emission, the levels of what is considered tolerable in terms of pollution, side-effects in drugs and sugar in beverages …
All of that has been measured up to the level of what the general population can deal with.
The most important thing for rh negative people to know is that
1) We are different. There is no way around that.
2) We need to accept that due to those differences we need to lead a different life in order to successfully protect ourselves from being affected more negatively by the same things rh positives seem to be ok with.
All of those studies are based on the lives rh negative people live, so once that changes, we will do better.
In a nutshell:
Anything that is bad for people, is worse for us.
Avoiding anything that is bad is the key to being at our best and not having any types of disadvantages.
So here is some advice on how to live:
– Never accept anything that you know is unhealthy for you. “It will be ok” is not an attitude to have. Because it might not be ok if you happen to develop an illness which will affect you for your whole life.
– If you smoke or drink, do not be hard on yourself. But never make the mistake to compare yourself to that 80 year old guy still smoking 2 packs a day or continue drinking with others even though you really feel like going home.
As we have disadvantages, nature is determined to even the playing field by giving you warning signs. Always listen to your body, not to what others say or what other people may do.
– Compare yourself to no one. Be you, have your rhythm and people who cannot accept that, learn to distance yourself from them.
– Never go on any diet, but listen to your body. Trust your body. Know that if there are weight disorders, there are reasons for them. You do not have to live the life of a victim.
When it comes to food, there are only two rules:
a) Food has to be fresh.
b) Food has to be natural.
Whatever you crave consume. If you were to crave potato chips, then that would not apply since the artificial flavors are what you crave, not the actual potatoes. That is why eating natural is a must.
Should you ever crave a type of potatoe chip, find out what food substitutes and flavors are in there.
If it is onion flavor, buy real onions. If paprika, buy paprika. If it is guacomole flavor, buy some real avocados.
In a nutshell: Whatever you see that is being faked, buy the real stuff and then take the time to make a meal for yourself out of those ingredients.

You have to do it for yourself and your family and not rely on doctors to tell you what is best for you.
The same goes for pregnancies where you need to demand an antibody screening before your pregnancy.
Being rh negative is not a curse.

Because you have the power to change things for the better.
The question is if you will.
And if the answer is yes, you will be a great example for your rh negative children if you have them and the next generation of rh negative people will likely have found a better way to live and the whole world will look very different in terms of how we are doing in terms of health.


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