Blood Types and Mental Health

Mental health and blood types seem to be connected and evidence is present. This of course is not much of a surprise considering health and blood types connect.
When speaking about blood types and health differences, we also examine anything that stands out as the studies are in their infancy and a lot more has to be done.

Blood type has been linked with a variety of mental disorders, but the associations are weak—many other factors are more important in determining who ends up with an illness. Still, the fact that a connection may exist intrigues some scientists, who hope one day to uncover the biological processes that link blood molecules to mental health, possibly improving our understanding and treatment of these illnesses.

People with O blood type may be more likely to have depression and intense anxiety; children may be at a greater risk of attention-deficit disorder.

People with A blood type may be more prone to obsessive-compulsive disorder; children may be at a greater risk of attention-deficit disorder. Also: Insomnia and Hysteria.

Children with B blood type may have a lower risk of attention-deficit disorder.

Rh negative men seem to be prone to be suffering from several conditions:

RhD negative men more often reported certain mental health disorders including panic disorders, antisocial personality disorders and attention deficits.

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