How you can find out your blood type

I have just realized I have never made a post about this and since quite a few people come to this site searching “How can I find out my blood type?” in Google, here is THE post to help you find out:

1) Your blood type is on file somewhere

I would simply call my regular physician or hospital under whose care I have been.
Usually they have your blood type on file. They may not consider it important enough to tell you without you asking, but if you do, they will have to let you know.

2) Donating blood is free

You can donate blood. If you donate blood, there can be health benefits, but please make sure that you are sure that this is what you want to do. Please read Is Donating Blood Right For You? and if you decide to donate, they will let you know your blood type after your first donation (usually).

Be aware that if you are O negative, your blood may be given to people in emergency situations regardless of blood type to ensure that they don’t get the wrong type. Be also aware that you may wind up getting harassed by call centers hired by certain blood banks not letting you forget the next time you can donate.

I would advise you to ask before donating if you can demand not to be called for any reason if you wish to be left in peace and rather decide on your own whether or not you want to return to donating blood again at a later time.

3) Find out at home

You can order a testing kit online. Eldoncard is usually the one that is most reasonably priced and most reliable, but you can also go to Google and search for other services. New ones are coming out all the time and they seem to improve.

Please be aware that human error is a killer. And it is one of several reasons your test results may not be accurate. This is why I also advise you to read How to find out your blood type and why is matters to everyone!


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