How can we get more rh negative people to donate blood?

In the past years I have been appalled hearing stories about blood type O negative friends of mine getting harassed by call centers hired by blood banks to “remind them” that “it’s time to give another donation” when the particular services do not do a thing for the donors. Their reasoning:
“If we pay people to donate blood, then it might encourage people with at-risk-behavior to lie about their lifestyles and it will increase the likelihood to pass on infected blood”.
The profits that blood banks make are high. And many people feel foolish to give their blood for free and rather than receiving some sort of benefit in return seeing these profits reinvested into hiring people to harass them instead.
So here is my question to all of you:
What can be done to increase the amount of blood donors worldwide?
And what can blood banks do for their donors without encouraging people who want quick money and hide certain behavior that might increase the risk of passing on “bad blood”?


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  1. Andi Nieman June 26, 2017

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