Can the rh disease be cured?

It looks like a lot of new effort is being placed into ridding the world of the rh disease once and for all.

rh disease

The CURhE (Consortium for Universal Rh disease Elimination) is a global alliance set up to eradicate Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and the Newborn (HDFN), a well-understood condition which, since 1970, is easily and cheaply preventable. Nearly fifty years ago a way of preventing HDFN was developed that almost overnight saved some 10,000 fetuses and newborn babies every year just in the United States: a true “miracle of modern medicine”. But the tragedy eliminated here in North America and in Europe still haunts much of the world. Every year more than 300,000 babies die or are severely damaged by HDFN. Now a newly formed coalition of researchers, practitioners, NGO’s and industry partners is determined to change that.


Global implementation of well-documented prevention methods of Rh disease in order to reduce childhood neurological burden and perinatal deaths.


– For every woman to know her blood type
– For every Rh-negative woman to have unfettered prenatal access to counseling and prophylaxis
– For the cost of Rh disease prevention to be embedded in existing prenatal and peripartum care, not to exceed $1 pp (adjusted to national population)

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