How can rh negative people live a happier and healthier life?

As many of the posts on this blog are about health differences between rh negative and rh positive people as well as health differences based on your ABO blood group, it is now time to share some of the things that I have learned from talking to those of you who have great health.

Statistics are very helpful in terms of indicating what type of precautions might be advised and also understand tendencies.

Assuming that just because you are a certain ABO or rhesus, you are supposed to suffer from a certain condition, is of course absolutely not something that you should ever do. Being blood type A for example might indicate a predisposition towards certain symptoms of dealing with stress.

But it never means that you are not influenced by your upbringing and your surroundings. Knowing that there are many other people with your blood type suffering from the same thing can give some comfort and if in the circle of the right people with the same blood group, support is often very powerful.

But here are some of the universal things that you and anybody can keep in mind that regardless what your predispositions might be, will not only lead your life down a happier road, but also generate a healthier life as everything is connected:

1) Balance!


Balance is the key to the castle. Let´s say your life is out of it … you cannot think straight, make bad decisions. You do not protect and value your life as much as you should …

Inner balance is the foundation. If you do not have it, work towards it. There has to be a way to be ok with how your life is right now while working towards greater goals.

2) Focus Nature


Real solutions to real problems are usually all at the source of where you picked them up in the first place. Who spreads the poison, contains the serum. But let me ask you this:
When you read articles regarding aloe vera curing diabetes, do you actually take the article seriously or rather tend to dismiss it as something “nutty”?

3) Ask yourself what YOU want!


We all live someone else´s lives to some extent in terms of having been influenced all of our lives to be a part of society meaning translated “be of benefit to others”.
If you feel like you have not lived your own life, start doing so now while continuing to benefit or course the ones who you love. But free yourself from the thought of having to be a “good” anything.

4) Embrace being different


This sounds like such a stigma but it is so totally true: People do not like boredom and being different is a blessing.
You may think life would be easier to be like everyone else and to a large extent it is correct.
But there is a reason why you are you. Even when there are things about your life that you are not thrilled about.
Whenever people are for example complaining about any kind of issues, I tend to inform them that those issues and symptoms are normal and natural reactions to unnatural circumstances in their lives. Be it physical or emotional.
Nothing that you cannot prevent … or overcome.
And that is why i pointed it out to begin with.

5) Remember yourself at an early age


Did you like playing sports? Did you love certain foods? Have you had fun doing things you have already forgotten about?
Truth is society as a whole operates against our nature and by the time we are able to make our own choices, we often have forgotten what those choices were.
Even the foods you crave, as long as the food is fresh and natural.

The connection between mental and physical health cannot be underestimated.


And feeling well …

… is a step towards doing well. And that elevates everything about you including your physical health.

What are you doing that makes you feel better and improves your life all in all?

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