Can rh negative people recognize each others? Part II

As some of you may know, I am currently running a free dating site based on blood type where people have a chance to search for users by either their own blood types or one that we or they consider most compatible to theirs (more info on that here: )
According to private feedback from many of you, rhesus negative people can easily detect rhesus negative people.
So here is something that you can do to see if you are one of the rhesus negatives who can detect other rhesus negatives:

There are currently 60 of our members displayed at
All of them have their blood types listed.
Because of the higher frequency of rh negatives on our site, there are probably half if not more rhesus negative members amongst them.
Look at the images and pick 7 people who you truly believe to be rh negative.
Then click on their profiles to see if you were right.

Did you do it?
How many of the 8 that you picked were rhesus negative?
What is your ABO?
How many of the rhesus negatives you’ve picked correctly matched your own ABO?


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  1. Peter June 11, 2017

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