Is there a diet that’s right for rhesus negative people?

One of the questions I receive again and again is “What diet is ideal for us rh negatives?”.
Or: “What do you think about the Blood Type Diet?”.
The keyterms people type into Google to find this blog indicate the same thing.
The answer is so simple, but seems complex to anyone who wants a “simple” answer stating “following this or that diet, buy their book and eat only what they tell you to”.
You see: I am a firm believer in our bodies telling us what we need.
And once again I will lay this out to make sure this post is airtight in terms of being something I feel comfortable sharing years from now whenever a question such as such is coming up.
Are the choices really that hard where you need to get an app calculating calories or you need to self-examine appetite vs. what you are told you should consume while tuning out what clever advertising convinced your self consciousness to consume?
My approach is as follows:
Never focus on what you should (or think you should) eat, but only what you absolutely shouldn’t eat.
If you want to be healthy, fit, well and feeling the way that you want to feel.
Because your look and weight are the last thing you need to focus on.
You need to get to the point where you feel right, so you become immune to any type of self-doubt society loves to guilt into people’s minds.
The following things you do not need:
– Avoid artificial flavors
They fool your body into craving food that your body knows it doesn’t need. Such as potatoe chips.
– Stop thinking you need a certain amount of carbohydrates
If you are an athlete, your body will tell you to consume carbs, don’t worry about it. If you are an office person relaxing in front of the tube after work, you do not need more than 50% carbohydrates and the 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd suggestion sounds a lot more like it.
Bread for example is not food … it’s filler. Like too much rice in countries where many cannot afford protein filled products. Sure, it’s cheaper and grandma may have grown up during the war and taught you how to cook. But this is 2016 and if you can afford to cook as you crave, forget what you have been brought up to prepare.
– Don’t let the price convince you what to buy
This is easier said than done. But let’s look at it like this:
I know people who eat something they don’t really crave and know is not good for them to save 2 Dollars while spending 50 the same night in a club on mixed drinks. Prioritize. Take your body seriously and your body will pay you back. Otherwise you have no right complaining about not feeling right, not looking right and not enjoying your life to the fullest.
– Don’t let advertising convince you what to consume
You will only feel good temporarily thinking you did the right thing while soon feeling that you didn’t.
– In general: Don’t eat anything that you “THINK you should eat”
We have all been taught so much wrong, it’s time for you to follow your instinct and go with what is right. Nobody critisizes pregnant women for having “weird taste” for a reason. Because we are protective of our unborn more than ourselves and know that whatever she craves we need to let and let nature handle this. The arrogance to assume we know what is best for someone else or what types of ingredients a pregnant woman has to pass on to her fetus to be healthy is absurd. The same way as her body gets alerted to know, you and me know what is best for us and unless we truly have more faith in our own signals than what others say, we are not going to be all we can be health wise.

I have recently evaluated:
1) The Blood Type Diet
First of all: How do we know that O was the first blood type? Because many scientists disagree strongly with that.
I am supposed to eat little meat as an A and people with type O are supposed to be meat eating hunters
I crave meat and know many O people who are vegans.
So are our bodies wrong to follow these cravings or lacks thereof?
I am told my ancestors were farmers who didn’t eat meat. But farmers had animals and probably a steady daily meat diet because of it.
There are many things making no sense and the more I speak to scientists about this diet, the more doubt I have.
And then there is this study concluding:

Adherence to certain ‘Blood-Type’ diets is associated with favorable effects on some cardiometabolic risk factors, but these associations were independent of an individual’s ABO genotype, so the findings do not support the ‘Blood-Type’ diet hypothesis.

2) The Paleo Diet
The issues:
Many of the animals our ancestors consumed are now extinct.
Others we are not allowed to hunt and eat.
Or too hard or expensive to come by.

But does that make the paleo diet wrong?

The answer is “No”. But be careful allowing any type of diet or book of regulations to turn into a religion for you.
But I truly believe that given Paleo Diet type of choices to pick from when it comes to daily consumption of food will greatly increase your overall health as it is for example proven that wild game contains so many minerals, nutrients and vitamins that we are struggling to get but our ancestors just naturally had with whatever they hunted and consumed.
Our farm animals are the degenerate descendants of those beautiful creatures of the forest eating from nature and providing our ancestors with meat that gave them strength and satisfied them.
If wild meat tastes better to you, then that is the reason. Your body knows. Only through artificial flavors and clever commercials has the assumption that “what tastes good is not good for you” been bred into us when in reality the opposite should be and IS true.

The original farm animals were the weakest of those wild animals and through evolution they turned into the buckets of fat we have vegetating and eating their way into the slaughterhouse.

Does this look like something that could survive in nature?

And believe me … cows are not any different.
But there are some domesticated animals more suitable for consumption than others.

Turkey is close to the wild turkey our ancestors consumed as well.
Geese are close to the wild geese. It is the way they are being fed and held that is bad, but naturally the meat would be good for us.
Ducks, wild ducks, same thing.
Fish is ideal. Fish has always been fish and the fish we consume is the same type our ancestors did. But there is one problem: The waters are polluted.

There is no perfect diet unless you spend a ton of money. But there are still choices.
You can pick this:
Or this:

Which do you think your body will thank you for later?

And if you obsess on weight, you may hurt yourself making bad decisions.

Sugar substitutes

Do I need to say more?

Skim milk

Yes, it’s lower in fat and calories, and higher in calcium, than whole milk, but some experts suggest that the saturated fat in dairy may not be a problem in terms of heart health. In fact, by drinking skimmed we may be missing out on fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A and E.

You are human and not a robot. So don’t give control over your body to anyone but yourself. Find a pattern that works well for you.
In commercials you will only see easy formulas. “Take this and in 2 weeks …”. Life is not like that. But it is still not hard. Commercials will try to convince you that you have no power when in reality it is all inside of you.

What type of tip do you have that other rh negative people can benefit from when it comes to food?

Have you learned something that works for you without resorting to referring people to a certain book or diet?
If so, please leave us a comment below.
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