What is the difference between a researcher and a regular doctor?

The difference between a regular doctor and a researcher is the same difference as between a business manager and a business owner (true entrepreneur).
A business manager is not acting according to his instinct and also not solely responsible. He has been trained to perform within a box that he is not permitted to leave. Even when he has a good idea, he will need permission and all too often he will be forbidden from exercising what he know would work out best.

Doctors are machines programmed to perform according to how they have learned to handle or interpret situations.
A doctor stating “Where did you go to medical school?” or “Are you the doctor or am I?” indicates insecurity and unhappiness within the box just like a business manager sometimes will state his title in order to impress someone.

The owner of a business being responsible with his and the company’s reputation will not likely do that. Nor will a researcher, as researchers are eager to gain and pass on knowledge rather than just making it through the day without too many unpleasant moments.
Doctors of course are needed, but not to be trusted blindly. I have demonstrated many times on places like Quora how physicians give blatantly wrong advice.

And when they start to get defensive and insult people, it is a clear sign you have a trained manager understanding tasks rather than business. And in this case my advice would be to look for someone with whom you can have a decent conversation regarding any of your concerns. Especially when you are rh negative and have suffered enough miscarriages to listen once again to what standard operating procedures are regarding when the Anti-D shot needs to be administered rather than being able to discuss the obvious, that you might already carry antibodies and need the shot before you get pregnant again.


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