B Negative Blood and People

What is unique about B negative blood is that blood type B is more frequent in parts of the world where the rh negative blood factor is very low frequency wise.
People who are blood type B are very strong and determined, but do best in life when being surrounded by O people who keep them grounded. Be it in friendships or partnerships.
B negative people are very goal oriented and ready to suffer on the way to accomplishing their goals. Often they miss out on opportunities by alienating those who are talented but more sensitive. And ego can get in the way of really becoming successful.
If you are blood type B negative, is is important for you to understand that you are not an island. If you keep in mind that you are not an island, then you can elevate yourself to “accidental leader” easily as long as you keep in mind that the art of delegating depends on “elegating” and not brute showing of power and force.

I will keep relationship stuff very short, but am going to bring to your attention a few observations.
If you are blood type B negative and in a relationship with someone who is

Blood Type A

You can expect turmoil … if energy is against one another. Total bliss if energy is used against the world against you two. Does this make sense?

I was told a story that is likely untrue, but sounds good. It stuck with me because of that:
A world famous entrepreneur went to a psychiatrist as a teen talking about how he hates his parents and the psychiatrist told him to “use this anger towards the world and not your parents”.

I think there is something to it as you are not going to hold others accountable for their actions if too focused on what someone close to you is doing wrong. They say A and B are incompatible and communication in fact can be awkward at times and confusion. However: Keep in mind that your energy has to be complimentary to one another. If it isn’t, be safe emotionally alone or with someone else. Both is better than being hurt and hurting. As bringing up the energy to hurt the other, will hurt you yourself … especially in the long run.

Blood Type B

It works in terms of communicating well but there can come a time when both of you get sick of one another. Too familiar? It can happen. Sometimes it helps to breathe some fresh air instead with someone who is:

Blood Type O

Blood type O works very well, especially if you are female. A man who is blood type O is great for you. An O woman for a B man can work. But again, please go to the page about O Negative Blood and People to see what it is that you might be missing.

Blood Type AB

A B man with an AB woman works well as he will be the leader she understands and supports.
A B woman with an AB man can be more challenging as he might show too sensitive sides for her and again … it takes the unique love connection to bridge all of that.

There is a lot more to come. Please chime in with some feedback. I am not B negative. So if you are B negative … I depend on people like you to help put together the right information for B negative readers worldwide.