O Negative Blood and People

The following is my opinion, experience and result of much feedback.

O negative people are unique in their approach to life as it is simple in terms of being very much in tune with oneself. O negative people are the ones who do not change the way they are for others and because of that often end up in leadership positions.
The negative aspect is that O negative people when not successful, have a tough time being happy with a plan B.
Depression is one possible result to life not going well. Suicide much less, but murder is also high amongst people with blood type O.

When it comes to being immune to diseases, blood type O tops most lists.

And since most people with blood type A and B are AO or BO, there is a natural way that blood type O people have connecting with others often appealing to their instinct them not even being aware of it.

That is one of the reason there is a high success rate amongst O negatives.

If you are in a relationship with an O negative and cannot be completely honest, don’t even get started.
O negatives know when they are being lied to and don’t take it lightly.
Even when an O negative does not point it out right away, you would make a big mistake assuming you have fooled that person. Because in the end you will be the one losing as O negative men and women are capable of accomplishing a lot more that is not always visible to the human eye and in the end amounts to so much of a body of work that O negatives can go from zero to 100 very quickly when the time is right.

Who O negatives match best with in relationships depends on gender as well as what type of situation you are in in life.

If you are an O negative woman:

Dating another O negative

This works well when your mind is uncluttered and you are ready for something amazing and new. O negatives are perfect for each others, but also sense each others pain and discomfort very easily if one of them is not in a position where life invites an honest relationship without suffering.

Dating an A negative man

This can work if the man is very much ready to capture life and close the doors to the past. It also depends if the man is AO or AA. If AO, it can be a very natural connection where you, the O negative woman, allows the man to live life in a pure fashion while with an AA man, you are likely to be more dominant and the well being of the relationship depends on his willingness to let you lead him here and there.

Dating a B negative man

B negative men are more headstrong than intuitive, even though again it depends on the genotype. If the man is O recessively, the relationship can be a very simple and balanced one. If BB, then it might be a little bit different depending on how much love there is to overcome potential communication issues.

Dating an AB negative man

There is no recessive O unless that man is cisAB. Then you are possibly a “natural match”. Being an O negative woman with an AB negative man works if he is ok with you being the leader in the relationship and many men are actually ok with it as long as they trust you. And by trust I mean your intentions. Never think that an AB’s silence means agreement. Anger can build up over time you not knowing it. So if you are O negative in a relationship with an AB negative man, ask yourself what your intentions are, if you are good for the person and if the answer is “yes”, things should work out fine. If there is doubt … do not make the mistake to “just give it a try”. Know better …

If you are an O negative man

Dating an O negative woman

This is an easy one: Scroll up and read up on O negative women and O negative men. 🙂

Dating an A negative woman

Never assume an A negative woman’s silence means being dumb or unaware. A negative women expect a person close to them to do right by them and are not ready to be defensive within their own 4 walls. It is a big issue when people of different blood types express hurt, sadness, anger and disappointment different from one another and only love and respect can be the perfect bridges. An A negative woman can be the best friend or worst enemy and it is usually up to circumstances created by both deciding which it should be. A negatives are extremely sensitive and vulnerable but with this comes unbelievable strength when in a good and harmonious relationship. A negative women will surprise you positively if you give the right energy to her. And if you give the energy she deserves to someone else, as in “cheating”, you will probably also be surprised how vindictive, cruel and vicious she can become and unlike people with blood type O being able to switch from complete trust and harmony to a conditional version thereof, there doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground between love and hatred for an A negative woman.

Dating a B negative woman

There will be passion. And there will be energy. And it can work out wonderful. If the woman is BB, be aware that you need to be the one examining your own decision making process on your own and better. If she is BO, it becomes easier as she will insist on giving you a challenge which can lead to fantastic results if there is harmony but also huge conflicts if there is anything coming between you.

Dating an AB negative woman

O negative men and AB negative women seem to be good connections. Even though they can become more convenient than passionate. O negative men are natural born leaders and AB negative women seem to like that quality in their men and can be extremely supportive and protective. The one thing an O negative man might miss is constructive criticism.