Do you know your ancestry?

Recently I was shown results from AncestryDNA and surprised that no haplogroups were listed.
What are haplogroups?
They are genetic markers.
Which can then be used to trace your ancestry back.
AncestryDNA however simply lists the countries they conclude you come from.
But think back:
Ancestry is not about manmade nations.
It is about DNA from the tribes you originate from. Or the families.
One example would be the Etruscans.
They are said to have possibly the highest percentage of Neanderthal DNA.
And from them derive haplogroups mtDNA J and T.
You would miss this if only countries were listed.
“Your ancestry is Italian” might be the answer, but according to studies listed previously, today’s Tuscany population is very genetically different from the ancient Etruscans and you can literally be from anywhere in Europe and carry their DNA.
The question is if you are rhesus negative and if there is a connection to those ancient tribes.
Not which nation your ancestors chose to live in.
Blood type is not about choice.
It is genetic.
DNA doesn’t lie.


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