Doctor knows best?

Just the other day have I spoken with a medical professional who indicated some of his colleagues using pills the strength of methamphetamine in order to be able to complete their sometimes 24 hour shifts. Sure, sounds cleaner than truck drivers sniffing it off the toilet cover at a Truck Stop Denny’s, but it has the same effect on your central nervous system. It impairs your overall judgement. And it is easier to make a right turn on the freeway than finding let’s say the correct artery.

Medical error is currently the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and one must wonder why anybody would even go to the doctor for anything other than the two beating it (take a good guess what they might be).

Quora is an interesting place as some medical professionals seem to be bored and come on there sharing outdated information. Sometimes with a lot of conviction.

So what makes you think that your physician is qualified to take care of your needs as an rh negative woman when you are pregnant?

The key to getting the right care is references and recommendations.

If you are an rh negative woman expecting to get pregnant at some point, find out early on if there is a specialist in your area where you can expect great care in terms of early antibody screening and Anti-D injections WHEN needed and NOT WHEN NOT needed.

If you have a physician you are satisfied with, please go right ahead and do so here. Mention your area and how to get in touch with him or her. Most doctors seem to know very little about how to treat rh negative mothers properly. So I believe it is time to reward the ones who know.

Note: We are interested in the positives. Not as in rh positives. But in the positive doctors who have surprised you positively. So please do not comment to slander physicians you are unsatisfied with.



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