Why I don’t spend time examining the alien theory

Once again I have received an email from a lady expressing how she likes this site with the information on it yet wonders why I do not spend any time examining the alien theory. These types of emails come in weekly, so here is me giving one answer to all of them:
I agree that new discoveries often begin with theories. Theories are great as without them we would be stuck in the same box.
Theories are meant to be examined. You take them claim by claim and either disprove, validate or discover that there is need for more studies. Then you follow through. It is called progress. And with progress comes knowledge.
So what happens when there is a theory that cannot further be proven or disproved?
You get stuck.
You spend time reading up on it and things are going nowhere.
There is a continuance of belief and belief alone unfortunately blocks knowledge as time is spent on something other than the many subject matters which require more research.
I am happy to say I have been able to spend quite a bit of time on active research and have friends worldwide who are researchers giving me feedback to my work before I publish it.
For me it is a great thing to expand knowledge into fields never examined before, but I prefer to limit my writings to what can be proven or disproved so there are less “maybes” floating around.
I see people fascinated with the subject of whether or not rhesus negative blood comes from aliens and it worries me.
On a personal level I find it quite offensive when a pregnant rhesus negative woman goes on Google to find information on how to prevent yet another miscarriage from happening and the top 5 results are about alien abductions.
There is much more work to be done in terms of changing standard operating procedures in hospitals and with doctors as to this day the Anti-D shot is often administered when it isn’t needed and then in other cases (depending on country) given too late.
The consequences can be devestating as back in the old days before the shot was officially getting administered, the fetus would usually die when rhesus incompatibility combined with the mother carrying antibodies destroyed the unborn child completely.
And it is essential to have an antibody screening done before a pregnancy and give the shot when required before the pregnancy as well if the mother carries the antibodies. Assuming that she doesn’t is also a mistake. If you have never had a blood transfusion or any contact with rhesus positive blood during your lifetime, you need to remember that if your mother is rhesus positive, the your and her blood could have mixed in the womb during her pregnancy with you resulting you being born with antibodies as you would have built them to protect yourself against the incompatible intruder.

Chemical pregnancies occur quite frequently amongst rhesus negative women where the fetus seems to vanish. And no, it has nothing to do with aliens abducting your fetus to “bring us back to our home planet”. It has to do with antibodies destroying or as you might also call it “eating your unborn child”. And this is a frequent result from rhesus negative women not receiving the Anti-D shot in time.
But there is yet another result not often mentioned which can occur if the shot is administered too late:
In some cases the fetus fights for his or her life and does survive until the Anti-D shot finally saves his or her life.
But there can be something irreversible about this time frame spend struggling:
It is absolutely possible that during that time, the antibodies of the mother are destroying many of the brain cells of this tiny being developing. While back in the old days the fetus probably wouldn’t have made it, he or she is suddenly saved but already damaged and can due to that be born with autism or even severe retardation.
Ever wonder why the autism epidemy started around the time the Anti-D shot was approved? And why quite a few studies indicate a very high percentage of children with autism having rhesus negative mothers?
The entire medical system has to change in terms of how we can keep from having such issues.
So why do I not bother spending time on the alien theory?
Because I believe our role is to help one another. Not just those we know, but those looking for information. And that is what I will continue to spend my time and energy on. It is insane that in the year 2017, almost 50 years after the Anti-D shot was approved, we still struggle with many of the same issues as we did back then.

I often express my deep admiration for our rhesus negative friends in Indonesia and now many other Asian countries whose dedication to the subject matter is dominated by making sure rhesus negative individuals are supplied with blood needed in case of transfusion and raising awareness to ensure that in countries with less than 1% rhesus negatives, their needs are not being overlooked.

I have never seen them discuss the alien or other belief based theories in their own groups as they are too busy making the right changes and helping those in need. I have also never once seen them fearmongering that the government will do something with their blood that has some sinister motive behind it. I believe that there is much room for improvement in the system when it comes to how blood banks operate, but there is a way to go about it and a way that doesn’t go anywhere other than creating an even bigger blood shortage for rhesus negatives in need and ultimately what counts is that we help one another as we are a minority and need to fight against our needs being overlooked.

It is obviously a travesty that in case of an emergency, O negative blood is being administered to accident victims as in many countries the need to know your blood type is considered not a priority. O negative donors are often being harassed, bullied and intensely guilted into giving blood on a regular basis by either employees of blood banks or call centers which they hire in addition to the many commercials they have the money for to run, yet when it comes to developing a clever reward system to give at least a small percentage of their profits to those who spend time and money of their own getting to the blood bank to donate, the usual answer is that it would encourage people with high risk behavior to lie for profit and being that HIV can often not be detected for weeks after being infected, yet the virus potentially being passed on to receivers, the risk of HIV would increase. Which is true. But there would be a need to come up with something else to give O negative donors a little more of an incentive to save lives, wouldn’t you agree?

And then the issue is that when an O negative is in need of blood, often transfusions are being delayed as none is available.

The other thing is if you are let’s say in a location with 0.1% O negatives and you yourself being O negative needing O negative blood. But because the 3 or 4 O negatives available in the area have already donated last week as they are being drained so to speak and now are not supposed to donate, a new problem arises.

Artificial blood substitute will come soon, but until then we have to raise awareness and hopefully have a system where just like in some countries blood types are written on IDs in order to save the blood that saves the most which is O negative blood. And rather than draining us whenever the time is up for another donation, there needs to be a list of O negatives on call to provide for other O negatives in serious trouble when the need arises.

If you have spent your time reading this article, I deeply appreciate it and would even more appreciate your feedback and suggestions if you have them.

How are the procedures in your country and what can be done to improve things?

Don’t get me wrong:
I am all about having fun and good entertainment. But one subject I take seriously is the subject of rh negative blood and people. And maybe one day when things are better for all of us, there will be time to have a good laugh about it.
While the alien theory and some of the others floating around might seem intriguing and fascinating to some, they are also annoying and sidetracking to others. There are plenty of places out there where people feel entertained by them and they have a right to spend (or waste) their times as they wish. I on the other hand exercise my right to be interested in things that actually make a difference and help improve things for all rh negatives worldwide.

And that is why I do not entertain theories where a belief usually takes the place of knowledge waiting to be gained and shared.



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