Fearmongering against rh negatives needs to stop!

“They are watching us.”
“We are being tracked.”
“They are experimenting on rh negative children.”
There are user profiles all over the social media sphere spending all day everyday posting claims that the government is tracking us and watching every move we make.
The truth is that many of the websites on which such claims are being made, will install a spyware of some sort on your PC by you clicking.
There are not a lot of tools good enough to track the new ones, but the one that is free and decent is this.
If you like, you can enter “rhesusnegative.net” and see what pops up.
Then compare something like davidicke.com and then ask yourself what it is that is getting installed into your browser.
Many of those cookies and spywares can enable a third part to view your every keystroke. IF they decided to, they would have a chance to log into your email, online banking but most of all, if indeed someone on the other end is collecting the data, a psychological profile of yours is being established.

If you read something that is complete nonsense, but click on it anyways, you have just fallen into a huge trap!

If you accept Facebook friends without a real person showing on the profile, you allow someone to monitor you and your friends. And if you think that fear is not an issue, then ask yourself why you don’t free yourself from such mongering.

I am speaking about mistakes I have made years ago when trying to learn as much as possible about the rh negative blood factor. My advice is to limit your reading to what you can absorb and analyze in what little time you might have.

There is some incredible disinformation out there.
And if you spread videos making no sense or even links from sites you have not examined, you have fallen into the trap of misinforming your friends and those they share it with.

What can we do to put a stop to all of this?

I would like some advice from you readers in regards to what we can do to allow rh negative people searching for answers to be protected from the lies.



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