Is high anxiety related to the rh negative blood factor?

One of the many question I often receive is whether or not rh negative people are more likely to have anxiety attacks and panic disorders. This leads me to believe that it is worth looking into as so many of you suspect that there must be a connection.

In a study of OCD sufferers done in 1983, Blood Type A was shown to be associated with a higher incidence of OCD over other types, in addition to a higher incidence of hysteria.
This of course was a small study and more data is needed.
According to our own study, RhD negative men more often reported certain mental health disorders including panic disorders, antisocial personality disorders and attention deficits and ticks.
So what is that due to?
It has been shown that Toxoplasmosis affects rh negative individuals more than rh positive ones and with 23% in the U.S. being infected with it and with European countries showing even higher numbers (such as 47% in France’s rural areas), it cannot be denied that this could have something to do with rh negative people being associated with the symptoms showing up much stronger.
So what can be done?
Our own studies have shown that rh negative individuals are more likely to make more visits to psychiatrists.

And indeed, just like our higher likelihood of allergies is fluctuating depending on our state of mind, the key to living well seems to be having a life without stress.
As for toxoplasmosis:
Hygienic measures are cost-effective and can reduce the chance of transmission, and new studies should be directed towards prevention of primary infection.
And about relieving stress:
10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast and similar advice columns may help many, but definitely not everyone and understanding individuality is key to finding the right solution for everyone.
You may or may not be aware of what it is that causes you stress, but identifying it should be the first step.
Write down what you believe causes you stress in life and let the paper sit.
Look at it the next day and see if you still feel the same way and come up with a strategy of getting rid of it for good.
This is an ongoing process as stress has become an accepted part of life, but so have alcohol and cigarettes which also affect us rh negative individuals more than others.
Fight hard to keep your life stress free, even if it involves distancing yourself from people close to you who cause you stress.
Next step:
Write down a few things you have done in the past which have relaxed you, given you more energy and reduced stress drastically.
Add this into your strategy and plan to get stress out of you life.
People may not understand it, but generally speaking people are selfish and out for their own, so protecting yourself first is a must.
Stress and anxiety can kill you. And it is usually other people causing it whose weight we carry.
Are you willing to die younger because some selfish people enjoy burdening you with their bad energy?
As I have mentioned, different people have different interests and different ways to relax.
Having animals and watching them seems to be something that calms many people down. Be it a fish tank or dog. Being in nature generally speaking does the same trick. We are simply out of our element in the city where we live very differently from our ancestors who simply had to work with nature to survive and not against it so to speak.

Note also that while some physicians might want to prescribe you medication against anxiety and panic disorders, the side-effects of those pills might also impact rh negative people more than rh positives.

Being able to successfully reduce stress will impact everything in your life from insomnia to physical ailments and diseases.
There is no cure for toxoplasmosis and modern medicine focuses too much on quieting symptoms rather than rooting out the real issues and these symptoms usually re-appear in different forms, often as side-effects of medication taken.

It takes work on our part to make the best out of our lives and increasing the quality thereof is a must.
Then and only then can this vicious cycle be broken as I do not believe rh negative people are “sick by nature”, but rather express the sickness in today’s world stronger and therefore have to fight harder to not let it affect our lives.

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