Interview with Yoe Bing from Rhesus Negatif Indonesia

Yoe Bing is one of the chairwomen of Rhesus Negatif Indonesia which has in the past few years grown to many thousands within a country where the percentage of rh negative people is less than 1.

yoe bing rhesus negatif indonesia

Yoe, you live in a country where only 0.5% of the population is rh
negative. How and when did you find out your blood type and how many people in your family are rh negative?

Wow, nice question.I knew my rhesus was negative when I gave birth to my first child in 2000. I needed a blood transfusion because of bleeding. In my family, I´m the only rh-.

Unfortunately in countries with low numbers of rh negatives, medical
professionals are not always prepared to properly care for rh negative women in the area of pregnancies. How are things in Indonesia and are
you guys seeing any progress?

Yes, medical professionals are not having good knowledge about rh- since in Indonesia the number of rh-s is very low. Only few really care about this knowledge.

In some Asian countries (especially Korea and Japan), blood types are
often associated with certain personality traits. Do Indonesians buy
into those theories, do you believe blood types and personalities are
corralated and have you, running a network of rh negatives, detected
certain personality traits that are specific for rh negative people?

I dont think that bloodtypes really matter in human characters. And here, bloodtypes are not important in job interviews.

Your community is growing very fast. What are your goals and are you getting a lot of support from the media and other sources?

Our community goals are to help to each others by giving blood and to campaign for rhesus awareness to all people. We must promote aggressively to make social media interested in us. And they are … thank God. ^^

Let´s say someone in Indonesia is in need of rh negative blood for a
transfusion or wants to donate. Who should those people contact?
Also: You guys are self funded. If someone wants to donate money or
help out in other ways with you, where can they do so or how can they get in touch with the right person?

For blood needs, they should first contact the bloodbank and the blood bank will contact our person in charge. Broadcasting messages also takes part in spreading the news about a need for blood. Yes we are self funded. If there are people willing to give funds, they can contact me or my friend Lici Murniati.


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