What makes the rhesus negative blood factor so important?

Is this your first time on our site?
If so, this post is to introduce you into our world … YOUR world.
Why create a site about the rh negative blood factor and for rh negative people?
To be honest with you, I am surprised I was the first after Jessica to do this and that no one has ever done it before, but ever since I started learning more and more about the rh negative blood factor, the more interested I became and most of all I realized how little research has been done and how much there is yet to be done.
Here are a few reasons I have started this site. Some highly scientific, others more speculative.
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But please use the search box as well as there is plenty of information on this site that is just waiting for you to read.
Here are a few reasons why having this site is very important to me:

1) We need help

In many countries with low percentages of rh negative people, the blood factor and those who have it is often being overlooked. Women are given the wrong blood during a transfusion which they need due to complications, doctors are not giving them hope a fetus would survive when in reality they just need the anti-D shot and the stories go on and on. Because of that we want to raise awareness more than anything and help those who create networks worldwide to ensure that every rh negative person has a donor when in need of blood and is taken care of medically.

2) Let’s do some research!

We are interested in common ancestry and the question what we have in common is of deep interest to me and a few others. Was there ever a society that was 100 percent rh negative? How did they live? What was their society like?
Could it have been the Sumerian region?
The research continues …

3) Finding a blood donor CAN be hard

Is there an emergency situation where you need a blood donation urgently and cannot find a donor?
Contact us on Twitter or leave a post on our Facebook page. We will retweet you and someone is likely to read about your needs and thanks to the internet, we can get things to go viral reaching the right donor in a very timely fashion.

4) There are interesting curiosities for us to share!

Can rh negative people recognize each others?
This is a question I have previously asked.
I believe the answer is “yes” and I am not the only one.
But don’t take my word for it.
Continue here …

5) How bout our health?

There are health differences between rh negatives and rh positives as there are between the ABO blood groups. Just recently I have participated in a study pointing out that overall rh negative people are disadvantaged towards rh positive homozygotes and especially rh positive heterozygotes.
See the study …

6) Let’s get educated

A lot of misinformation is floating around and we want to ensure that there remains a network where real issues are being discussed. We appreciate scientific research posting and not speculative theories.
We therefore prioritize examining material that can be proven or disproven in order to not run around in circles, but advance in terms of gaining the necessary knowledge to make a difference in our lives, each others lives and be able to reach out to the rest of the rh negative worldwide informing them properly what their blood factor is all about and what it means to their everyday lives.
We can do better and every voice counts!

7) Let’s stick together!

I have a great time communicating with people who are rh negative and realized a large amount of my friends being rh negative who I have no idea about. In the spirit of making things better, we can make a big difference in many departments. Many of us see through the things that the world is suffering from.
Now is the time to unite and support each others. And you can help just by being you and being a part of it.
You can register at the forum and when we are ready to get things going, you will be alerted …