New blood type test determines blood type in 30 seconds

In many countries, O negative blood is always given in case of an emergency where time to test the patient is not at hand. That leads of course to a major shortage of O negative blood, the universal donor type. The issue, and it is a major one, comes into play when an O negative patient who cannot receive anything but that very type, is forced to delay necessary treatment as there is not enough blood available for him or her.

Now it seems that progress is being made and 30 seconds is all the time it takes to determine someone’s blood type.

Eldoncard has been on the market for ages and depending where you want to order the kit, it is usually less than 10 USD to get yourself tested (you can order a testing kit here).

As for the new test:

A recent article from New Scientist says the test was developed by scientists at China’s Third Military Medical University and could allow hospitals to stock all types of blood to alleviate the demand for type O. It works by identifying antigens present on the surface of red blood cells. The strips are “impregnated” with a grid of antibodies and dye that change color when blood is applied and travels down the strip reacting with the different antibodies. If an antibody is present, the square will turn teal; if no antibody is present, it’ll turn brown. Researchers believe the product could be on shelves within 1-2 years.

More here: Determine Blood Type in 30 Seconds With New Paper Test


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