Are rh negative people more likely to have red hair and/or freckles?

Looking at the pictures of members on People with Rhesus Negative Bloodtype, it becomes very clear that out of 1,000s of members, more than half display signs of red hair and/or freckles.
But how exactly does that correlate with rh negative blood?
Just like the rh negative gene, the red hair gene (MC1R) is recessive.
1 in 4 people from the general population carries this red hair gene.
That means out of 2 random people coming together, their chance of having a red haired child is 1 in 64.
freckles and red hair
While within the general population the chances are 1 in 4 that you carry the MC1R gene, 85% of people with freckles carry it.
While red hair and rh negative blood are being passed on recessively, freckles are dominant as it is the darker attributes within the genepool showing up in a person displaying the light skintone, but traces of darker ancestry showing up in spots.
The same can be said about hazel eyes where blue eyes turn into greenish eyes due to a dominant gene being in the mix.

In order to properly determine what if any connection there is between freckles, red hair and rh negative blood, we again need to look back at common ancestry and ask ourselves what an original population of rh negative people may have looked like.



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