Pregnancy and Rh Negative Women

Pregnancy for rh negative women is one of the main subjects in terms of rh negative blood factor and those who carry it.
If you are rh negative and have already had an rh positive child, you will need to get the Anti-D shot before your next pregnancy unless your partner is rh negative like you.
Not having received the shot can turn into a “chemical pregnancy” where you are pregnant, but the fetus “disappears” being destroyed by the antibodies.
Miscarriages occur quite frequencly and even if you have not given birth to an rh positive child yet, you can already carry the antibodies from a previous event.

There is a big chance that if you are rh negative and your mother rh positive, your blood has mixed with hers while in the womb so that your antibodies have already built during that time.

If you are rh negative and your partner is rh positive and you are planning to have children, visit your doctor before you get pregnant and ask for an antibody screening.

Unfortunately due to certain policies, many countries have a routine of giving the Anti-D shot to women who do not need it and to others too late.

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