Do rh negative people heal faster?

There is no doubt some people heal faster than others. The question is why. When doing a simple Quora search,

As everything in the Universe is energy the answer all comes down to energy.

Those who have their chakras opened more naturally improve the flow of positive healing energy into them while allowing a clear passage for negative health influencing energy to leave the body.

pops up.

What do you think when you read something like this? Because usually it is being dismissed as nonsense.
Should it be?
Relaxed people ‘heal twice as quickly’ and similar articles do emphasize on it and many physicians will tell you that your state of mind is important in terms of how quickly you progress to getting well.
Worse Health Status and Higher Incidence of Health Disorders in Rhesus Negative Subjects has now become common knowledge amongst rh negative people, so the question is how we can become healthier and heal faster.
There is no doubt that stress can cause illness. And the opposite thereof puts you back in order so to speak.
Generally speaking, young people heal faster than elderly people. What I do have an issue with is the suggestion to purchase a fountain of youth in form of a pill.
So here are 7 things I can think of that for sure will make you healthier and help you regain your body’s natural state of healing you fast:
1) Spend time near water. Ocean, beach etc.
2) Give yourself time to do something you are interested in. Be it reading up on rh negative blood or simply watching animals in nature.
3) Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
4) Distance yourself from those who cost you energy and never give it back.
5) Find true love.
6) Make your home as beautiful as you can without spending an arm and a log. What you wake up to and see first in the morning will impact your day.
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