Rh Negative Pregnancy Checklist

So you are rh negative and planning to get pregnant?
Please do not assume that hospitals and doctors are all aware of what it will take to ensure that your pregnancy will go well.
Here is a checklist that you should follow to determine what exactly you need and what exactly you don’t need:
1) Find out your partner’s blood type
If he is also rh negative, make sure you do not receive the Anti-D shot. But only if you are 100 percent sure that your child’s future father is also rh negative.
2) Get an antibody screening done immediately
Especially if your mother is rh positive. You can already be born with the antibodies even if you have never had a transfusion or never been pregnant before.
If you don’t carry antibodies, you do not need the Anti-D shot yet. If you carry them:
3) Get your Anti-D shot ASAP
If you do not receive the shot before your pregnancy, it can lead to a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage. Or a surviving fetus can turn into a severely damaged one.

Are you planning to get pregnant sometime in the future and don’t have a proper partner yet?

Make it an rh negative one.

You can find one on Datebytype.com:
Search for an rh negative partner to avoid the “rh disease” in future children
These are the first steps. But more than anything, make sure you search for the right physician who understands rh negative pregnancies and takes the issue very seriously. If you need references, search for other rh negative people in your area here.

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