Rh Negative Voices: Lici Murniati from Rhesus Negatif Indonesia

Alongside Yoe Bing, Lici Murniati is one of the chairwomen of Rhesus Negatif Indonesia.

lici murniata rhesus negatif indonesia

Lici is blood type O negative.

Lici Murniati Rhesus Negatif Indonesia

The Interview:


1) Lici, thank you very much for taking the time to conduct this interview.
When did you first find out about your blood type, when did you
gain interest in the rh negative blood factor and what keeps you
motivated in terms of upgrading your research?

About 3 years ago , when I had my general blood check-up. Since then, I’ve been interested and gotten motivated .Then the fact that there are alot of Indonesians (local people) with Rh negative blood type.

2) Out of all the things you have learned researching the rh negative
blood factor, which discovery stands out in terms of opening your eyes
the widest?

About pregnancy. Woman who are Rh- and their pregnancy. I have come to find out that people (including doctors) have a preception here that Rh- women will face a general risk when pregnant and at worst that we cannot have a baby.
Almost everyday we get messages via phone, web, our FB group that an Rh- blood donor is needed (not only from Jakarta). Or people just find out that their blood type is RH-. They ask alot of question why they have this type of blood or pregnanct woman with Rh- have a need for a standby donor for their birth giving preparation.

3) What is your most passionate area of interest?

To convince the Indonesian government to explore about Rh Negatives, including introducing a policy for all Indentity cards to have peopleĀ“s blood types written on them including the Rh factor.

4) What are your plans for the near future?

To create more events , campaign for awareness about the Rhesus negative blood factor. We have to do it now or it will be too late.

5) How has your mission changed since you have first gotten started and what types of goals are you setting for the next year with Rhesus Negatif Indonesia?

Simple mission for this year: Make the public and our government aware of the word #RHESUS.

6) Have you received support from outside sources such us other
organization (like the Red Cross) or government agencies? If not, how
hopeful are you in getting those who should be interested in your
mission to show interest and provide you with assistance and have you
been reaching out to any of them in the past?

Not really a support I think. With the Red Cross we are just doing coordination of Blood Donors. The government? No , we have never gotten any of their support.



(More information on Lici and Rhesus Negatif Indonesia can also be seen here.)



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