Are rh negatives more intelligent?

Remember the old list of rh negative traits?
The one also claiming rh negatives are more likely to be abducted by UFOs?
Yes, that one!
On it one of the first traits that have gotten my attention was the claim that rh negatives have a higher IQ than rh positives.
Needless to say, asking this question alone causes a lot of rh positive readers as well as parents of rh positive children to become hostile towards just asking this.
As different health issues including mental health issues have been proven to differ based on blood types, it is worth examining whether there are different IQ averages based on blood types in existence as well.
In order to properly get this going, there are other questions and issues I need to explore first:
– IQ varies based on nations so controls from the country of origin are important for comparison.
– A relationship between cranial capacity and higher IQ needs to be further evaluated as it can also shine light on the question whether or not an rh negative look is different from an rh positive one.
I am curious to hear from those of you who have had your IQ measured:
1) How many tests have been taken? And what were the results?
2) How were your grades in school according to subject and how has your professional life been as adults?
3) Which nation are you from and what is the average IQ in your country?
4) Do you consider your EQ to be high?
Thank you in advance for participating!

How many of these men were rh negative?


We live in a biased world and just as there are rh negative people wanting to prove this, there will be rh positive people upset by this. And others are going to claim that IQ as it is being measured, means little or nothing. We do not claim to know the answer to the question is it is being formulated in its title, but believe in the need to explore all similarities between people of the same rh negative blood factor.

Please remain unbiased within your commenting and state the things you know and refrain from arguing something that has yet to be proven.



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