Studies indicate higher risk of autism amongst children of rh negative mothers

In the past few years, the claim that rh negative women are more likely to have autistic children has come up again and again. But is there truth to this claim or is it merely a myth?
One fairly new study shows that children born before 2001 are much more likely to have rh negative mothers. The potential reason behind it given:

The Anti-D shot contained mercury until that time.

There were significant and comparable increases in maternal Rh-negativity among children with NDs (Clinic: A=24.2%), autism spectrum disorders (Clinic: A=28.3%, B=25.3%), and attention-deficit-disorder/attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder (Clinic: A=26.3%) observed at both clinics in comparison to both control groups (Clinic: A=12.1%, B=13.9%) employed. Children with NDs born post-2001 had a maternal Rh-negativity frequency (13.6%) similar to controls.

This study associates TCR exposure with some NDs in children.

For the full PDF file of the study, go here:

Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Maternal Rh-Negativity, and Rho(D) Immune Globulins: A Multi-Center Assessment

So what about children born after 2001?

A study conducted by the University of California in Davis has revealed that MAR antibodies in the mother´s blood are responsible for 25% of autism cases in the United States.

Let´s look at it this way:

Back before there was an Anti-D shot, an rh positive fetus of an rh negative mother would simply die or “vanish” if the mother already had antibodies. Now that after 28 weeks of gastation the shot is being administered, we are dealing with 7 months of potential damage being done. If a fetus survives, then the brain activity can be harmed by those antibodies.
Note: In countries with lower levels of autism, the shot is usually given after the birth of the first rh positive child ensuring antibodies being built up while in the U.S. it is given almost towards the end of the pregnancy.
Could this be why there is an autism epidemie in the States?


The alleged autism epidemy began in the early 70s. 1968 was when the Anti-D shot was approved for administering.

If you are an rh negative woman wanting to get pregnant by an rh positive man, here is my advice:

Visit your doctor before you get pregnant and ask for an antibody screening.

If your child is autistic or has Asperger´s:

Allow your child to show you what he or she has interest in. Forcing a child to do what everyone else is going is never a good thing. Rather than turning everyday life into a chore, allow your kid to follow his or her instinct.
In order to bridge social awkwardness, find other children with similar interest.
That way the move from being interested in something towards having interest in others who share those passions helps build a foundation for a better social life once an adult.


There are many sites and communities out there helping mothers of children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Everyday Aspergers is one that I recommend.
Many of the members from that page are also on People with Rhesus Negative Bloodtype, so if you are on Facebook, use our page to exchange ideas with other mothers of autistic children if that is what you are.



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