Research Question: Incidence of ABO blood group in different cancers in Northern IndiaObjectives: To find out the incidence of ABO blood group in different cancers in Western Uttar Pradesh, so as to assess the utility of ABO blood group as a preclinical marker. Design: The study was conducted on 2640 histologically proven cancer patients attending the Blood Bank, Department of Pathology, JN Medical College, AMU, Aligarh during the period 2000-2007 for requisition of blood transfusion. ABO blood grouping was performed by the tube method in all the cancer patients. The age, sex, ABO blood type and pathological status of all the patients were collected. The control sample was collected from the healthy blood donors. Results: Among 2640 cancer patients, 1168 were males and 1472 female. When all cancers were taken together, the highest frequency of blood group B (40.5%), followed by A (34.2%), O (16.0%) and AB (9.3%) was seen. The frequency of A group was significantly higher and O group was significantly lower in cancer patients as compared to controls. A high incidence of blood group B (37.5%) followed by A (35%) was seen in oral cancers. Among gastrointestinal (GIT) cancer, a high frequency of blood group B (40%), followed by O (26.7%) was noted. The incidence of A blood group was significantly higher in breast cancer and lung cancer patients, 42.4% and 50.0% respectively. Conclusion: Racial and ethnic distribution of blood groups is an important factor for predicting cancer risk and the identification of genetic and environmental factors among racial and ethnic groups should offer some insights into an observed epidemiological data and opportunities to better understand the control and development of cancer.

Source: Relationship Between Various Cancers And ABO Blood Groups – A Northern India Experience


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