7 Reasons why you should know your blood type

1) Not everywhere in the world are hospitals equally prepared to deal with rh negatives

If you are on vacation in a country where the rh negative blood factor is almost non existence, your information might save you from
doctors not taking your rh factor into consideration and “taking a chance” transfusing you with rh positive blood.

2) Knowledge is power. Know yourself first.

Knowing your blood type is knowing yourself. Not knowing your blood type is like not knowing what you are allergic to. The more you know
about your health and your heritage, the better.

3) Knowing whether or not your blood can help someone or vice versa

In case of an emergency with you, a friend or a family member, knowing if you are blood type compatible can easily get the right person to help right away.
Not knowing whether or not your blood transfused can save someone’s life can be a matter of life or death.

4) Ignorance is never cool

Not knowing your blood type may be socially accepted in the western world, but amongst the higher classes in several countries
it is being viewed as a sign of ignorance and not caring about your own self.

5) Improve your health

Different blood types are differently prone to certain diseases and knowing your blood type can lead you into the right direction
in regards to lifestyle and diet according to what helps prevent diseases you are most likely at risk with.

For more information, search this blog for “heart diseases”.

6) Pregnancy problems can be prevented by knowing your blood type

The rhesus disease. You will not know pregnancy risks until you know whether or not you are rhesus negative. If you are a rhesus negative woman and your
husband is rh positive, it’s time to inform yourself early on with potential pregnancy risks. At the same token, if you are rhesus negative and your partner is as well, then
a hospital’s suggestion to give you the Anti-D shot should be refused based on the fact that there will not be a risk.

7) An advanced society like Japan knows and applies blood type personality studies. So why don’t we?

Blood types and personalities go hand in hand. Who you get along with and are compatible with in life has a lot to do with your blood type. Once you know your blood type and get to know
the similarities based on blood types, you will have an easier time to assess relationships allowing those with the same blood type to
reveal themselves more and the ones with different blood types to know what exactly it is that you may have a tougher time breaking the ice with.

Don’t know your blood type, but ready to find out?

You can either donate blood, or take a test at home.

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