Can you tell whether or not somebody is rh negative?

About once a week I meet someone who I just know is rh negative and out of maybe 50 occasions, I have been wrong once.
The usually those around me are astounded and want to know how I can tell someone’s blood type just by looking at them, and usually the environment is a little bit too relaxed for me to go that deep.

So for the first time in a year, I will now take the time to explain myself in regards to how I can tell if someone is rh negative.

1) People now randomly approach me to ask what I think their blood type is and truth is, I cannot do it on command. What happens simply is that I start talking to someone and I stop to look into their eyes and just know.

2) Rh negatives have this “very awake” look. Very alert at all times. Often considered restless by the rh positives. It is something you cannot fake. You have it or you don’t. I cannot put it into terms but there is something else: Rh positives tend to be cynical. You look into their eyes and you can feel this sense of being uncomfortable not knowing what to expect from them. Rh negs tend to be more open and tireless when it comes to wanting to understand something while rh positives tend to make up their minds a lot earlier and then change it if most of their friends change theirs.

3) Be careful assuming reddish hair must mean the person is rh negative. It doesn’t. Even though I have learned that a lot of the rh positives with red hair that I know are recessive rh negative.

4) The headshape. The Neanderthal’s had a similar one, which caused me to believe that we could possibly get the rh negative blood factor from them.

5) Conversation. The way rh negatives carry themselves is unique and different. I sense an unspoken understanding. It’s not just the words said, but the way they are spoken. The mannerisms, more the way of listening. Sorry to offend anyone, but when I speak to the average individual, I get a blank look all too often while when I speak to an rh negative, their way of looking at me usually reflects my thoughts to a T.

So let me post you an example:

This is the famous National Geographic photography from 1984 of a young woman whose eyes have captured the world.

If you search this site for “Aryans in India” you will see how common this look is around the Aryans.

Something magnetic about the eyes, intense mental strength combined with deep sensitivity and vulnerability.

So is she or isn’t she rh negative?

If I had to bet everything that I own on one or the other, I would go against mathematical probabilities of chance and use the same intuition which has allowed me to make many new rh negative friends and go with yes.

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~ Mike Dammann

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