European Haplogroup R1b found in King Tut’s DNA?

Here is the other side:

Tutankhamen R1b Not Caucasian’s 1R. 1Rb first appeared about 32,000 years ago as at that time and land area was the Basque and Cro-Magnon of northwestern France. It was of a mixed race with the Caucasian R1 with Rh pos (+) blood type. The R1b had a Rh negative (-) blood type as being the first negative blood type on all the Earth‘s species.

The R1b is of the Celtic ‘Greys’ of the Basque, Welsh and Picts of Brittany -Britannia, Catalan and Aquilonia, and Portugal-southwestern Spain. They brought the 32,000 year old Aurignacian Culture and Industries that slid into the 14,000 -8,000 BC At`lan Culture to British . An 8000 BC At`lan writing has been found there also. In Basque history, they say the Atlantiques maritime settlements were along the Seashores for trade and shipping.

The many DNA migration maps show their settlements from the middle-east’s Chaldean “J” DNA and as they mixed with the “1R” Caucasians across Europe towards northwest France, they developed the “1Rb” DNA. (From “J” to “1Rb” DNA) They started to spread their Rh (-) blood type to the caucasians also. The Nordic “1Ra” DNA , large, tall, blondish haired, blue eye Caucasian (Neanderthal type) had many Wars with the short , black hair, Celtic invaders.

Tutankhamen shows a mix genetics with the “1Ra” Caucasian type with the “1Rb” Celtic-Chaldean/Sumerian type. In 4:08/7:29, Tutankhamen “R1b” had blood group A2 with the older “M” and “N” present . The “N” is wear the “J” DNA came from. The “1Rb” and “J” DNA of the Picts of Britannia-Britain say they originally came from the Chaldees. Also there are Archaeologists in Israel recently found that, about 8000 BC, the taller Neanderthal Caucasian and the Chaldean type -the Burghers called “modern man” type- had mixed and even buried in the same grave yards. The “J” Sumerian ancient trade was also with Egypt’s northern ‘shore line’ trade settlements of the Nile River. So Tutankhamen could have the mixed genetics in him. It was the Caucasian as the Neanderthal type also being as the Aryans, brought their Aryan Sun-god with the “J” Sumerian Serpent god religion. When the Caucasian Aryans as Helens (with their Sun-god Helios) conquered the northern Egypt, they wore the TWO HATS representing the “Two Egypts” . In 4:26/7:29, Amenhotep III daughter Tiy had the A2B (B mix as in the “1Rb”) and her daughter Sitamun had the “A2MN” (N mix as of the “b“ in the 1R b) .

The “R” is also the “1Ra” DNA predominantly of the ancient Baluchistan from Iran into India’s Cush. The Irish are also of the “1Ra” DNA of the Caucasian race. Africa’s M173 is from the Caucasian Neanderthal type that migrated down into Africa with each Ice Age and back up after the Ice receded from Europe and northern Americas. In 3:47/7:29 tells the A2 of the Caucasian mostly relates with the Nordic “M” DNA .

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