B Negative Blood Type

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Here is my take on the personality traits of rh B negative individuals:

B stands for business, and B negatives are no different from that. Very methodical, yet lacking creative understanding to analyze a situation for its full potential unless there is a number attached. B negatives are the second mutuation, so the percentage of them is a lot lower than the As and 0s. B negatives measure their happiness by accomplishments and not so much by what they create. B negatives also don’t seem to care about approval, but when their presence causes friction, they can easily feel hurt and withdraw from the one who offends them completely and for good. Generally speaking: Starting in Ireland, the further you go east towards Japan, the higher the percentage of Bs becomes. B negatives are skeptics and don’t pretend to be something in order to accomplish a goal, but rather persist in their own way waiting for results to kick in. Unlike A negatives, B negatives are not very flexible, but stick with what has proven to work for them. B negatives do not connect too well with As unless one of them decides to give in to the other to make the relationship work. Bs match well with Bs and ABs and sometimes 0s. Once in a relationship, B negatives tend to forget the world around them and put their nest above everything else. They are easy to live with for those who lack their ability to make cold and dry decision, but hard for those who want to explore life without boundaries first.

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