Is Donating Blood Right For You?

Aside from the rh negative pregnancy issues, blood donation is a hot topic as we rh negative people can give blood to rh positives but not vice versa. In some countries O negative blood is being given in emergency situations to all victims in order to save the time it would take to test for the blood type.

This is part of the reason why often O negative patients have to wait days if not weeks to have a much needed operation or blood transfusion.
The system contains much room for improvement. And there need to be more incentives for healthy O negative blood donors to make it more attractive for them to donate blood on a regular basis.
But this is not what this article is about as we don’t donate to make the medical industry richer … we do it because otherwise rh negative people will suffer.
This article is about health benefits that stem from donating blood. And potential deficits.

The Benefits Of Donating Blood

1) Your Iron Level Gets Regulated

You may be high in iron. Which is quite common and a lot more dangerous than not having enough. Lowering your iron level and allowing your body to re-adjust your levels is similar to rebooting a system.

2)You Get A Free Check-Up


It will not be the most thorough check-up, but it is free and you will be alerted and referred to another physician should anything be detected that could be of concern.

3) Your System Gets Cleaned


Many tell me that they feel healthier after they donate and it is true that the system gets cleaned. There are toxins in your blood and by donating blood, these toxins will be drained with the blood and the new flow being generated is goig to be clean.

What May Be The Disadvantages?

1) You Can Get Lightheaded And Unbalanced


Dizziness might likely occur, but having a snack and some orange juice can quickly balance you.

2) You Can Get Very Nasty Bruises


This is even in cases of people who normally do not bruise easily. Whether or not your veins will show swelling or your skin gets rashes, there are other similar symptoms you may display aside from the bruising. Whether or not you will react that way is hard to predict.

3) You Might Feel Sick


Some say they feel like a million bucks after donating and like a new person. But others do complain about feeling sick which can last for days or even weeks. Again: Until you try and donate, you will not likely know how you will react.

So should you donate blood?

My overall advice is to try it and see if you feel better or worse, donĀ“t get rashes or bruises or feel sick and if it gives you an overall sense of this having been a good experience for you.
And then there is of course knowing you have helped another rh negative who can of course just like you donate blood to everyone but depends on other rh negatives to receive it.
The system of blood donation needs a serious makeover and if you think I was going to ignore this main reason for blood shortages, you are wrong.
But if we want to send a message by not donating blood, it will first hurt many rh negative individuals like you and me before if ever changes are being made.

And when you go to the office to donate, make sure you tell them that you demand being taken off the call list from day one. I have heard countless stories of O negatives being harrassed to come back in and do not want that to happen to you and that becoming a reason that you will not donate.



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