Is there a connection between lupus and rh negative blood?

This is a question I have been getting and unfortunately there is no information on it that can be used as evidence that there is a higher percentage of rh negatives amongst lupus patients.

When it comes to autoimmune issues in general, RhD negative subjects have increased the risk of developing of certain heart diseases, respiratory diseases and some immunity and autoimmunity related diseases, for example rheumatoid arthritis. The general pattern suggests that RhD negative subjects could have problems with autoimmunity, could be more resistant to infections of viral origin and could be less resistant to infections of bacterial origin. The variation of the oxygen tension in various organs and tissues could, of course, influence also other biological functions, including the functions of the immune system. This could explain why RhD negativity seems to be associated with neurological, mental health and immunological disorders.

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There is also a small study associating the blood type B antigen with lupus:

In 45 patients with SLE the frequency of groups B and AB exceeded that of the controls, the difference reaching the double of the standard error. The isoagglutinin titers were quite similar in the two series. There was no association of the disease with the frequency of the secretor type nor with the quantity of group substances or isoagglutinins present in saliva and urine. The isoagglutinin titers in the sera of non-secretors were low.

And then there are a few online discussions started by rh negative people wondering if there is a connection between lupus and rh negative blood:

lupus and people with rh- factor.
Lupus And RH Negative

if you have any information, please comment below to help us advance in terms of information not yet common knowledge.



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