Famous Blood Donors

Donating blood is a matter of choice and it has to be yours.
Here are some famous individuals who have been and are advocating the regular donation of blood. And you have guessed it: Many of them “happen to be” rh negative, or, specifically: O negative. The universal donor.
Here is our list.
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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was known to be a regular blood donor, even while he was President. His blood type is A negative.

Elvis, seen here donating blood at the German Red Cross while stationed in Germany, used to donate blood.

Yoe Bing
One of the organizers at Rhesus Negatif Indonesia, Yoe Bing is also a regular donor. Her blood type is B negative.

James Harrison
Harrison started donating in 1954 and after the first few donations it was discovered that his blood contained unusually strong and persistent antibodies against the D Rh group antigen. The discovery of these antibodies led to the development of immune globulin based products to prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN). These products, which contain a high level of anti-D antibodies are given to Rh(D) negative mothers of unknown or Rh(D) positive babies during and after pregnancy to prevent the creation of antibodies to the blood of a Rh(D) positive child. This antigen sensitization and subsequent incompatibility phenomenon causes Rhesus disease, the most common form of HDN.
Through the donations of his plasma, Harrison has helped prevent thousands of children from dying of HDN. This uniqueness was considered so important, that his life was insured for one million dollars after this discovery and the following research based on his donations created the commercial Anti-D immune globulin commonly known as RhoGAM. His blood plasma derivatives have since been given as treatment to one in ten pregnant women whose blood could potentially become incompatible with that of their children.
His donations were estimated to have helped save over 2.4 million babies, with pregnant women, including his own daughter Tracey, being treated with his antibodies.

Jon Heder
Best known for his role as Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder is also a regular blood donor.

Sophia Loren
Back in 1962 she made headlines for donating blood. How many times she has done so since is unknown. But she initially inspired many to do the same.

Prince Charles
When donating blood in the 1980s, the world learned that Prince Charles is a universal donor (O negative).

Cristian Ronaldo
One of the most famous soccer players of all times is also one of the most prominent practicing example for donating blood on a regular basis. His blood type: O negative.

Niki Taylor
Now a mother of four, the Fort Lauderdale-born celebrity was reunited with the blood donors who saved her life.
“It was very emotional getting to meet these wonderful people. I was always wondering who rolled up their sleeves to save me,” said Taylor, who has O-negative type blood. “A couple of years ago I met the 15 donors who I received blood from. They were from all walks of life and it was just beautiful getting to see them and thank them. I also met with Dr. Nicholas, the emergency room doctor who had operated on me and put my liver back together.”

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