Why I am also running a dating site

The question about a benefit blood type dating has is one I usually get offline. Rh negative people from my online community tend to be aware of them. And many of those who ask me why someone should join are usually the ones not knowing their blood types.
Though I am a firm believer that everyone worldwide should know their blood type, this post is not meant to put them down but rather explain it so anybody, rh negative or positive will understand it better.

First of all, the service is absolutely free, though an option to donate exists in order to help cover the server costs.

1) Avoiding the “rh disease”

One of the biggest concerns to rh negative women is the so-called rh disease where the antibodies of an rh negative woman will attack an rh positive fetus. When however both parents of the child are rh negative, the only potential outcome for the child is to also be rh negative.

Make it an rh negative one.

Who you fall in love with cannot and should not be planned and there are plenty of happy marriages out there with all combinations of blood types. This service is about giving you an option rather than telling you what to do with your life.

I strongly believe that rh negative women interested in finding an rh negative partner to help prevent the rh disease completely deserve the chance to do that. This is why in our users interface, you have the option to select the blood type(s) desired in a partner and then see if any of the people showing catch your interest.

2) Blood Type Personality Compatibility

This is of course considered pseudoscience, but if you ask anybody from Japan or Korea, they might tell you that there is something to it. And many of us believe so as well as there are actually official studies out there indicating such.

The biggest problem in relationships tends to be miscommunication and personality compatibility would help avoid that.
Again, you are able to choose the blood type(s) of the results you wish to see, so while we are giving some advice, it is completely up to you and your preference which results you wish to see.

Any questions?

Feel free to leave a comment below and take a look at the site itself to see more answers.

And by the way: The dating site is not just for finding a lifelong partner. There are also members not looking for that, but rather enjoy making new friends.

For those of you who have an rh positive partner, see our Rh Negative Pregnancy Checklist and more information about the rh disease.

Also: It is correct that in many countries the Anti-D shot is being administered regardless of partner’s blood type. You can however refuse it if your partner is rh negative and sign a waiver. Be sure though that your partner is truly rh negative before you do as there have been cases where for various reasons the blood type once given wasn’t the actual one. For more information on that you can visit 4 major reasons why blood type tests can show different results.

My personal recommendation is to have the blood type of the child’s father retested in the very same hospital where you are planning to sign the waiver. Let them know that you need the results in writing to help you make a decision whether or not to refuse the Anti-D shot. When you receive it in writing, ensure that it states that your partner is in fact rh negative and do not sign the waiver until you have done so.

Should for whatever reason you not be 100 percent certain about the paternity in this case, above option to refuse the Anti-D shot shall not apply.



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