Are rh negatives better off dating other rh negatives?

This is a subject matter I have been getting loads of feedback over. And the truth is: Everyone has to make this decision themselves.

Being fair and not using my own thoughts in this particular post, I am now going to list some of the feedback I have been receiving via Facebook, so you on your own can decide to take a step you truly and independently believe in.

What speaks FOR rh negatives dating other rh negatives?

– The one advantage is that the rh disease is not going to be an issue as two true rh negatives can only have an rh negative offspring. There will be no need for an Anti-D shot (if the hospital wants to inject your with one and you know your fetus´ father is rh negative, don´t let them) or any potential side-effects.

– I personally believe that blood types and personality traits go hand in hand. Therefore I also think people with the same blood types are very compatible and because of similarities, will not experience misunderstandings as much as would a couple with very different personality traits based on having an incompatible blood type.

– Looking at it from the standpoint that the man is being viewed as a donor and the woman as the receiver, the same way a man who can donate blood to the woman is right for her (compatible) and the woman able to receive his blood is right for him.

– Children conceived through sperm donation have a birth defect rate of almost a fifth compared with the general population. This may be explained by the fact that sperm banks only accept donors who have good semen quality, and because of the rigorous screening procedures which they adopt. In addition, sperm banks may try to ensure that the sperm used in a particular recipient woman comes from a donor whose blood group and genetic profile is compatible with those of the woman.

What speaks AGAINST rh negatives dating other rh negatives?

– There is one comment that I have read which I consider valid. According to our own study:
Rh negative people test worst for overall health.
Rh positive homozygotes better, but rh positive heterozygotes the best.
Meaning: Those who are rh positive, but carrying the rh negative gene recessively, appear to have an advantage health wise.

So what is now the best solution to make the world and especially YOUR WORLD a happier and healthier place?

Getting back to my own formula, looking at the man as the donor and woman as receiver would automatically include having healthy heterozygotes as potential offspring without the rh disease being a factor at all when the man is rh negative and the woman rh positive.
Being that rh positive babies often didn´t make it when they had rh negative mothers makes it tough to ignore this aspect and not wonder if there isn´t something we are missing.

The issue however is that giving rh negative men the option to have rh positive partners and denying the same to rh negative women, would make it harder for rh negative women to find an rh negative partner.

Overall, the feedback I have received from rh negative couples was usually great, especially when the ABO compatibility was there as well.

As I truly believe in choice that comes from within as well as proper education, this is now me passing the ball back to all of you to ask yourselves whether or not you will live a better life if you are married to another rh negative.

One thing I truly believe in and am sharing with you now is my absolute conviction that there is a need to have this option for those who want it.
That is why now on everyone can search on their own for a partner based on blood type YOU choose to search for.
At this moment, rh negative people can only choose other rh negative people.
These settings might change in the future, but as of now, this is the option given to every rh negative person out there to see who is single and potentially compatible out of other rh negatives willing to choose this option for their future.

All feedback is welcome.

And to those who want to see who is potentially out there for them and rh negative as well, is welcome to look for an rh negative mate here:

Find rh negative singles worldwide



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