Are rh negatives more likely to be lactose tolerant?

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This thought has been brought up by Gordon Scherer previously.
Could it be that rh negative people are more likely to be lactose tolerant than rh positives?
lactose tolerant rh negative blood

This map of lactose intolerance worldwide definitely shows countries with high frequencies of rh negatives being more likely to be lactose tolerant and vice versa.
American Indians being 100% rh positive show high levels of lactose intolerance. Asians as well. Then there are a few countries in Africa showing high levels of tolerance as well, but it all depends on which groups you study, as there are populations within Chad, Cameroon and Sudan said to be high in rh negative blood.

This is definitely an area of interest to me as there are definitely connections between food tolerance and allergies and the rh blood group system.

So here is my question to you:

If you are rh negative, are you lactose tolerant or lactose intolerant?



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