Are erectile functions affected by AB0 blood group?

A fairly new study from Dec 30th 2016 called “Are erectile functions affected by AB0 blood group?” is now frequently being referenced claiming people with blood type O are 4 times less likely to have erectile disfunction than men with blood types A, B and AB.
Let’s see:
Logistic regression analysis found that compared to the 0 blood group, the erectile dysfunction risk was 3.9 times greater for the A blood group, 3.5 times greater for the B blood group and 4.7 times greater for the AB blood group.
Apparently true.
But how many people participated:
The study included 350 people abiding by the study criteria who applied to our clinic from April 2012-April 2015. The patients were divided into two groups including those with ED (Group 1) and those without (Group 2). Age, blood group, IIEF-5 score and presence of additional diseases were recorded. Erectile functions were analyzed according to blood group.
So what we need is more studies. 350 people is not a whole lot. But still an indicator, just a need for bigger studies.
What about the rh factor?
Unfortunately no data is included.
You can download the full PDF file here.


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