Was there ever a society which was 100 percent rh negative?

The answer is “Yes”.
Look at it this way:
Around 35% of the Basque population is rh negative.
Some parts of Basque country have percentages as high as 43%.
The Basques have been in the region for 1,000s of years, so in that time a lot of
mixing with neighbors has occurred.
So which was the original population migrating to the area?

Tracing things back there must have been a core group that was 100 percent rh negatives, especially since the frequency of the rh negative gene within the Basque population is somewhere around 60%+.

Who that population was and where they came from is one of the studies we are currently heavily involved in.

Many indicators such as language groups point towards Mesopotamia.

And then there is the Haplogroup J frequency connecting the Basque population with the ancient Sumerians as well as several pockets worldwide where the genetic marker pops up in island settings or locations where ancient Sumerians were likely to have passed through in search for a new and safe place to dwell.

Some of those locations include Crete, Greece;
Sardinia, Italy;
Ethiopia (around 8 % rh negative, which is much higher than the African average).

Haplogroup J is also quite high amongst the Celtic populations of the British Isles.

Whether the Celtic origin is the source of rh negative blood or the ancient tribe of Sumerians mixed with the Celts and turned into a mix of 100 percent rh negative and 100 percent red hair ancestry … all of this is subject to a lot more examinations which have yet to be undertaken.

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