What is Bombay Blood?

What is the Bombay blood group?

Bombay blood group is a type of blood group that has no ‘H’ antigen. People usually have either of A, B, AB or O blood groups hich have H antigens. For example, a person with A blood group will have type A antigens and anti B antibodies (immune cells that fight against antigens other than their own antigens, in this case they produce antibodies against B). Apart from A, B and O blood group, we also have an antigen known as H antigen.

However, people with Bombay blood group do not have a H antigen meaning they have anti-a, anti-B and anti-H antibodies in their blood. So transfusion of blood from people with blood group A, B, AB or O (which contains H antigens) will cause a reaction (acute haemolytic transfusion reaction) in the body leading to serious health complications. (Read: Mangalore docs perform open heart surgery on woman with rare blood group)

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