What is your secretor status?

Some people believe that the secretor status is very important to know.
If you are a secretor, it means that you have the ability to secrete ABO blood group antigens in saliva. ABO blood group antigens (A, B, and H), in addition to their presence on blood cells and platelets, are also present on other tissue cells and are variably expressed through body fluids, such as saliva, tears, semen, urine, gastric juice, and breast milk, depending on whether the individual possesses the secretor gene or not, the inherited A, B, O genes, and Lewis blood group system.

In addition to ABO blood group applications in blood transfusion and forensic medicine, numerous studies have found strong relations between individuals’ susceptibilities to some diseases and their ABO blood groups, as well as their secretor status.

Recent studies have shown, that 76.1% of the study population were ABH blood group antigens secretors and 23.9% were nonsecretors. The frequencies of secretor status in different ABO blood groups were 70.1% in group A, 67.8% in group B, 67.9% in group AB, and 88.3% in group O. In conclusion, blood group O individuals have significantly higher frequency of secretor status than non-O blood group individuals.


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