Do rh negatives tend to have high cheekbones?


It has come to my attention that there is yet another phenomenon amongst rh negative people that seems to stand out when looking at the faces of most of you:


High cheekbones.

Some of you might have native American ancestry, but this doesn´t seem to be the causing factor considering that when looking at images of the Basques, the same characteristic appears to stand out:


Variants of this type are somehow more interesting to my SW French eyes : not that impressive leptomorphism, grey eyes, chestnut hair, angular features, … I’ve yet to fully know whether or not this type is that abundant in French Basque lands but for sure, those people are what I associate with being Basque-looking, not as in “stereotypically looking” but as in “these types are not to be found amongst neighbouring populations”. Notice that such types were completely absent in Rioja Alavesa.

These angular features could easily have been the dominant look of a common ancestry which many of us carry still.

These premises appear to be highlighted in above video. Note: The images were sent my way randomly and not selected based on facial structure. As a matter of fact, it wasn´t until the video was done that I have recognized these strong similarities.

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