Rhesus Negative Friends and Organizations Worldwide

On this page, I am going to post websites, addresses, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and information regarding other organizations which are helping the rh negative mission as we have described it.

If you are aware of an organization that you believe we should list on this page, please leave a comment below.

If you are looking for a support group for people with the very rare Bombay Blood Group (Oh), please go here …
For information about Rhesus Negative Cambodia, go here.


Below is the Facebook group servicing and connecting rh negative people in Chile:

Rh Negativos Chile

¿Es usted Rh negativo?
Si es así, ¿posee una red de contactos con otras personas que tengan su mismo grupo sanguíneo? Esta sencilla acción facilita información vital en caso de una emergencia.
“Creemos un grupo de ayuda en casos de emergencia”
Si eres Rh Negativo unete y formemos un circulo de donantes de sangre de este grupo que es tan escaso.
Si te integras a este grupo y necesitas sangre Rh Negativo iremos en tu ayuda.
Una sencilla accion como donar un poco de sangre le puede salvar la vida a una persona.
La donación es la clave
Como la etapa de utilidad pública es incierta, es deseable que las personas Rh negativas desarrollen sus propias redes de contactos.


Rhesus Negatif Indonesia

Lici Murniati Rhesus Negatif Indonesia

For more information about Rhesus Negatif Indonesia, please continue here.


rhesus negative malaysia

If you are in Malaysia and in need of rh negative blood, contact Rhesus Negative Malaysia.


Nepal as well has a support group for rh negative people to ensure that as rare as rh negative blood in their country is, every rh negative is able to get a donor when needed.
Visit them on Facebook:
Rh Negative Nepal


From their site:

Welcome to Rhesus Solution Initiative. We are registered Non – Governmental, Non – political, Not – for – profit organisation with the responsibility to sensitise the society about their blood group and Rhesus status particularly teenagers and pregnant women in order to prevent problems associated with rhesus disease or “Heamolytic Disease” i.e Jaundice, Anemia, dyspnea or difficulty in breathing, mental retardation or even neonatal death. We promote access to qualitative maternity care through our advocacy programmes.


Official website:
Rhesus Solution Initiative


Here is a Facebook group connecting blood donors and donees in the Philippines:

Rh Negative Philippines

rh negative philippines

The Rh Negative Philippines aims to save lives by providing easy access of Rh Negative blood to all in need through the support of its members.



The Central Blood Register (CBR) is a voluntary register for people willing to donate Rhesus Negative blood in the event of an emergency. The CBR aims to help coordinate between the demand, donors and the Thai Red Cross blood bank. Any hospital, organization or individual can approach the CBR 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

You can contact them through their website:

The Central Blood Register (CBR)


Vietnam Rare Blood Group

vietnam rare blood group

Continue here …



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